Yoga and Wellness Provider Coaching

I have designed each coaching offering — Nurturing the Nurturer, Emerge, Renew, and Reimagine — for Yoga and wellness providers who find themselves at significant points in their lives and careers.

Each series comprises six, one-on-one interactive sessions. During our time together, we’ll use the tools of Yoga and dive deep into who you are as a person and provider and explore your vision and goals. We’ll also discuss how best to harness your unique gifts, while drawing strength and wisdom from qualities and experiences that may have held you back in the past.

Nurturing the Nurturer

Often in the fields of Yoga and wellness, we hear the expression, “Put the mask on yourself first before assisting someone else,” a common reference to the instructions we receive prior to a flight. But, sometimes, heeding those instructions can be easier said than done. We have important obligations — family, friends, clients, and others in our lives who need our attention. And, because we are born nurturers, we very often place others’ needs ahead of our own, which can leave us feeling depleted.

Nurturing the Nurturer returns the focus to you, enabling you to reconnect with yourself and replenish your energy to help you feel your best and approach all aspects of your life with greater vitality and joy.


When first launching our Yoga and wellness businesses, we have questions that invariably arise:

  • Who am I as an instructor or wellness provider?
  • What type of business do I envision?
  • Who is my ideal student or client?
  • How can I capitalize on my strengths, and what do I see as standing in my way of achieving my goals and dreams?

Emerge provides you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself, articulate your hopes for your emerging business, and create a plan for success that aligns with your heartfelt intentions and goals.


As we move through our careers, we may find ourselves engaged in repeated patterns that can make us feel like we’re not growing as providers. Through the Renew series, we’ll ask — and answer — these, and other, critical questions:

  • How has my vision of my business and myself changed since I first began?
  • What is working, and what is not?
  • What habits have I developed that may be hindering my success?
  • What next steps will help me feel fulfilled and help my business reach its potential?

One of the qualities that defines entrepreneurs is the knowledge that once a business is launched and running well, we often seek that next opportunity. We may be perfectly happy staying involved in the business we’ve established while also feeling energized about the possibilities that come with new challenges. Or we may find that our traditional way of doing things may require us to pivot our existing business model to meet the demands of a changing economic picture or client base.

Embarking on the path to Reimagine your business and yourself as a provider, you will:

  • Explore where you are in your business and envision where you would like to go.
  • Consider the options available to you.
  • Address any obstacles that could be blocking your success.
  • Create a plan for your personal and professional future.

The investment for each six-session series is $900, and you may pick the times and dates that are convenient for you, up to six months from your start date. An electronic payment request will be sent to you after you select your personalized schedule.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business? Please schedule your sessions with me today!

I look forward to meeting you soon!